Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Chasing After You (Flying Shoes)

Before you listen, please be aware of the background of all this. I wrote this during Sem III exam, Malay A1 (around 1st December 2010) because I had half an hour of nothing to do since I had finished my paper very quickly due to my not knowing what to write about the darned "Pasar Perasaan" puisi. So I wrote this because I was feeling emo and all.

BUT after that, stuff happened, and so I realised that I really was going to be chasing the wind because some stuff just wouldn't work out. BUT I'd already written the song and it would be such a WASTE to not record it, you know? So I recorded it on 8th December 2010 (today) and viola! I liked it.

Bottom line, if you're angry at me then please do realise that I (probably) don't mean what I'm singing at least not in the way I was feeling it before the stuff happened.

Chasing After You (Flying Shoes)
by Samuel K Lis 2010

I could spend a lifetime chasing after you
Do you think you’d be mine
Tell me what to do

I’ve done all I can to be a better man
Would you even consider
Giving me a nudge so I’d go on

I could run a lightyear chasing after you
So, run away my dear
Even to the moon

I think I’ll still be chasing
I’ll still be racing
Trying to catch you because it seems
That I’ll never be good enough for you

Would you like a pair of flying shoes
So you could fly away and never see me again
Well then I’d get a ship and sail the thousand seas
Cos I’ll still be chasing after you

I’ll tell you now
Just so you don’t forget
Until I crash and die of heartache
You know I won’t relent