Sunday, April 19, 2009

I Dreamed A Dream

Susan Boyle on Britain's Got Talent was amazing, check it out! She sang "I Dreamed A Dream" by Les Miserables, which is beautiful. It sent shivers running up and down my spine. While she looked weird and odd but when she sang everyone was amazed. But enough about her and Britain's Got Talent.

Dreams. What are dreams? Pastor Victor Gonzalez preached about it two weeks ago and also this week. Oxford Dictionary says that Dreams are "A series of images, events and feelings that happen in your mind while you are asleep", or "A wish to have or be something, especiallty one that seems difficult to acheive", and "A beautiful or wonderful person or thing".

[Now I begin an essay that I wrote two years ago in Form 4 for an English exam; I kept the paper! Editted some parts...]

In the light of Science, dreams are the phenomena that occur during sleep. When one's mind moves into a stage of sleep called Rapid Eye Movements (REM), the mind starts to replay or generate images from the memory to form a usually illogical series of events.

However, dreams are much more than just the trick of the mind, but it represents the deepest desires of a person. The dreams I speak of are ambitions; goals that seem too big to acheive; destinations that seem impossible to reach.

In the norm of our society, dreaming seems to hold a negative connotation. A "dreamer" depicts one who loafs around doing nothing, like Thomas Wilson in "The Lotus Eater". [Nothing wrong with inserting some Literature we learn, eh?] However, while it is important to stay in reality, dreams are just as important because life without dreams is a life not worth living.

One famous dreamer is Bill Gates, who dreamed of putting a computer in every home in America, and now he is one of, if not the, richest man in the world! Dreams shape out world to what it is today. Without a dream, there would be no light bulb, no Internet [Damn!] or washing machine. Without a dream, you can just get a mediocre job, marry a mediocre spouse, and live a mediocre and dull life, and at the end die a mediocre death. But why do that when you can do something with your life and strive for a higher purpose and design?

[As for myself, I dream many big things. I dream of an illustrous career in arts, writing, and music. I doubt that they will be fulfilled as a main career but I will never stop dreaming of become a best-selling author, or a famous musician in a band that shouts God's name. I even dreamt of becoming an English teacher! But, alas, I got good results for SPM. The world is vast and the options are endless! Last but not least, I dream of becoming a missionary doctor and help people around the world for Christ, but I wouldn't say that in a school exam...]

As Rudyard Kipling puts it, "If you can dream and not make dreams your master", [again, Literature is awesome...] a person who knows how to dream but still have his feet planted on the ground, will have "the Earth and everything that's in it" at his bidding! Dare to dream - [and dream God-sized dreams] - because if you stop dreaming, you stop living.

[Pn. Anita's comments: "Good. Well said." I got a 47/50 for it. Most awesome English teacher EVER!!!]

Dreams are free: Dream BIG.

However, as Pastor Vic puts it, dreams must be God-glorifying, people-helping, require character and competence; It needs counsel, evaluation and adjustments; Dreams bring others closer to God, and requires me to start with what I already have.

Never fear failure, learn to rebuild, DEFY THE ODDS.

[Oh and I dream of going to England and living there for a few years because I adore the way they speak, such a beautiful accent! I fell in love with the British English when I watched Narnia last time, and then when I watched Britain's Got Talent... I resolved to go there, and also to watch Wimbledon for once in my life. XD]


she3p said...


can i start dreaming now...?like the real dream....:)

Hansley Liew said...

impressive english you got there.

Anonymous said...

Sam.....oh Sam.....

I'm so flabbergasted and shocked at Susan Boyle. Her voice made me said OMG so many times. Thanks for the link.
About your dreams, never give up, Pray Until Something Happens. Yeah, I agree with you, start with what you already have and put God first too then all shall be added unto u.
I wish you all the best.

Samuel K Lis said...

Hans: Wheee thanks thanks!

Lil Rounds: She's amazing yeah? All the best to u too!

Pastor Gerald Ho: In your dreams!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sam, that was a really good post about dreams. I was at planetshakers conference with Jon last week, pastor Sam Evans also spoke something similar. Dreams may seem impossible to accomplish n foolish to others, but a dream ain't a God dream unless it seems impossible. That was what she said, something like that. =)


Samuel K Lis said...

Wow. That's great. "A dream ain't a God fream unless it seems impossible." Wow!!

Rhe said...

Hehehe..i randomly came across ur blog..nice post!

Samuel K Lis said...

err right. i wonder how. thanks.

Susan said...

Dreaming really helps to put things into context and can inspire deep thinking, for sure!