Friday, April 17, 2009


[Tennis] One uncharacteristic loss after another: Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters - Roger Federer lost to Stanislas Wawrinka with whom he won the Beijing Olympics gold. I only managed to watch the first half last night/this morning. OK, fine, he got married to his girlfriend Mirka Vavrinec, but probably only because she got pregnant. Maybe he was distracted. Or maybe he's just getting old and tired, and his prime is over. Whatever. Why do I still support him? Maybe I don't anymore. Now I'm hoping Andy Murray wins more titles.

[American Idol Season 8] The top 7 sang songs from movies! I liked Allison Iraheta's "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing". I was expecting more from Lil' Rounds because I love the song "The Rose", but she sucks. Danny Gokey's "Endless Love" was so emotional and reminds everyone of his sob story, good for him. But my favourite performance and song and studio recorded song was Kris Allen's "Falling Slowly". There was so much feeling in his voice, like the emotion was going to burst and spill over if you just poke it with a needle. I wasn't much of a fan of Kris Allen, but now I am! Meanwhile, Matt Giraud was saved by the judges but I don't see him being able to do much to contend with others like Danny, Adam, Allison and Kris. I still think Danny Gokey is overrated. XD
You can download their studio recordings here.

[Choir] Oh and I'm so bummed that the SMK Batu Lintang choir lost in the division level AGAIN. Last year was bad enough, but this year... they lost to St. Teresa!! Even with a four/five/six-part choir!! I didn't hear them so I have nothing to say, but I'm just so bummed. *sob*

[Matrics] Oh and I got the Matrics offer to Kolej Matrikulasi Negeri Sembilan. I have to report to the college on 11th May. I don't really want to go because I'm hoping for my MARA scholarship, but just in case I don't...[cross fingers] and it'll be a good experience and exposure for me to live on my own. XD


Anonymous said...

Lil- 'temporary devil'
SMK Batu Lintang; Losers weepers

Haiya, they win for so many times already, give others a chance ma..
It seems like God's clearing the way for St.3 to shine. Not to mention the burnt down of Kuching High's Red Crescent room...

OMG lilian, what are u saying?
Neh, I'm talking crap, dun mean it.

Batu lintangians need their seniors support. Go back and see them.

Samuel K Lis said...

Lil yourself. BL choir rocks forever!! And yes I did go and see them and helped them out every week when I was in Kuching.

ardenclarke said...

coz u need outsiders like me to help! Lol.

We are the audience ma.We know what we like to hear. Anyway,what did GRSS get? Haha.

hmmmmm....maybe st.teresa got like 8 parts? Hehe.

About NS, quite near bah to ur house right? U can meet daniel lo.

Samuel K Lis said...

NS? NS? who said anything about NS?? Oh wait Negeri Semblian. heheh.