Friday, July 08, 2011

I Will Survive IB

Now that IB is officially over and results are out, I can safely say that yeah, you can survive IB. But getting 45... maybe not so easy, hmm? I wrote this song sometime during first semester at KMB. I was planning to "release" it towards the end of IB but I forgot, so here goes... (loosely based on or inspired by I. Houghton's "Just Wanna Say")

So, to my juniors, especially my bros Everard and Cyril, you can do it!!! To my batch-mates, good luck wherever you go!! If you can survive IB (especially in KMB), you can survive anywhere!! Maybe the song should go "I have survived"... never mind.

“I Will Survive IB”
By Samuel Kana Anak Lis, recorded 21 September 09

Once upon a time when all was fine
I came here with my luggage I came in with a smile
I was happy I was lucky I was satisfied
But sooner or later all that changed in a while
I realized that it was not as simple as I thought
So many things to remember so many things to recall
But at the end of the day when the battle is fought
I’ll be grateful and thankful I won’t regret at all

I will survive (IB!)
I’ll win the race
Although it won’t get better (for now)
I will survive (IB!)
I won’t give up
Cos’ we’ll do it together

Time is precious it’s hard to get it back
Because work to do comes stack upon stack
Time to relax is so hard to come by
But one day when it’s over, I’ll be ready to fly
We won’t die, but I hope that we won’t crumble
Though I’m sure we might stumble and tumble
Because we’re strong, we are hardy we are tough
But how much is too much, when enough is enough?
Yet I’m thankful for this opportunity
Cos’ I know some people will kill to be me
If we weather the storm in this raging sea
I wonder, how hard could getting 45 be?

I will run I will battle I will fight to the end
I will turn every corner every twist and bend
Greatness is waiting if I work a little more
At the end of the tunnel who knows what’s in store?

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