Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Project Love Song 1: My Hands Tremble

This is a song which I haven't properly title yet so it was titled "Project Love Song 1" when it was saved, but temporarily named "My Hands Tremble" for now. It was recorded by Anders Cheng and I, just now, for about 2 hours, using his super cool MIDI keyboard and condenser mike. It's just the first trial but I think it sounds pretty neat.

The lyrics are actually a poem I wrote way back in 2006 or 2007. I found it when clearing my room of junk. I think it was supposed to be for a certain someone but I'm not sure if I ever gave it to her. Here goes the lyrics/poem:

My hands tremble at the sight of your face
My heart races at the thought of your name
For how I fear to hold you in my embrace
Like you will never be mine to claim

Oh how I am afraid just to look at you
For you are like a fragile crystal rose
Becoming more and more amazing as you grew
From your beautiful hair to your toes

But no - you are not mine
And I don't expect you will ever be
Not at this moment of time
But one day well, we'll see

A crush? Well maybe
Infatuation? Quite plausible, actually
But could it be true love, could it be?
Would I ever risk my life for thee?

P.S. Thanks ANDERS CHENG!!!!

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