Monday, June 29, 2009

Hello, From KMB

I have FINALLY found an Internet connection, after one whole week of staying at Kolej MARA Banting. That’s one of the most annoying things about being here, but I’m quite sure I will find some way to obtain some form of regular connection to the real world.

[Can you believe it? I wouldn’t have known Michael Jackson died if a friend’s friend didn’t tell the friend who told a friend, and then only news travelled to my ears, but I have absolutely no connection to the outside world, how sad is that?]

I love my friends here! There are (as of now, before the 2nd intake students arrive) 37 non-Malay juniors, as compared to only 16 for the 2nd year students. 12 are from Sarawak, and 6 from Kuching. Awesome right? There are also quite a number of Malays who are also from the said city. Kuching rocks!! Sadly, none of them are in my class, but I can cope and make more friends, amen!

As of now, I have my own room to myself (most people have one roommate), and thank God, because the rooms are absolutely crammed and tiny. [I just want to take this opportunity to thank whoever was in room C226 for keeping the room cleaning for me. XD] So I have had the liberty of messing up my room for the sake of convenience. It turns out that this was the case because I was the last non-Malay taking Medicine to register. So, it’s not always bad to be late. XD However I have recently found out that my privacy will soon be invaded by the likes of another student who has been told to move to my room for certain undisclosed reasons. I was so irritated the whole day, but I have come to terms with this turn of events, provided I cannot assert myself to prevent this catastrophe from happening.

To conclude my short update on my college life, (my mind still has not grasped the idea that I am officially and permanently studying in KMB for 2 years) the first week has been an exciting journey, and I’m sure the rest of the two years will be more fun, more challenging, more exciting and a daring adventure in which I can put all my trust in God.

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