Thursday, June 04, 2009

We Are One - 1Malaysia

This is a song I wrote and recorded for the 1Malaysia songwriting competition. However after I finished it I found out that the song had to be in BM, and must be less than 2 minutes long. Writing a song in BM was hopeless, so I gave up. So, anyway, enjoy the song! [By the way if the verses sound like "To Make You Feel My Love"... then I was listening to too much Kris Allen. XD XD]

We Are One
by Samuel Kana Anak Lis 2009

Verse 1:
This is a land of flowing rivers
This is a land of vibrant trees
This is a land of diverse nature
All swaying to our tropical breeze

Verse 2:
This is a land of smiling faces
This is a land of unity
This is a land of many races
Yet all live in peace and harmony

This is Malaysia
We are one
This is our nation
We are free
Whether rain or shine
Through the stormy sea
We are one
We are one

Verse 3:
This is a land of hardworking hands
This is a land of determination
This is a land with dreams and visions
To be the best and serve our nation

Verse 4:
This is a land of moral values
This is a land of integrity
We’ll fight the fight and win the battle
This nation belongs to you and me


F a r i z z a i d I said...

herm, i can't load it.

Anders said...

Iniliah tanahku dengan sungai mengalir
Iniliah tanahku, pepohon yang menggetar
Inilah tanahku, alam yang pelbagai
Yang berbuai bersama kesempoian angin

Verse 2:
Inilah tanahku dilukis senyuman
Tempatku yang mempunyai kesatuan
Tanahku yang pelbagai kaum
Bersama-sama hidup dalam aman dan Harmoni

Inilah Malaysiaku
Kita Bersatu
Inilah Negaraku
Kita Bebas
Walaupun keaadan cerah atau mendung
Dan semasa laut bergelora
Kitalah Satu
Kitalah Satu

Verse 3:
Inilah tanahku tangan penuh kerajinan
Inilah tanahku yang penuh determinasi
Inilah tanahku yang penuh visi dan cita-cita
Untuk menjadi terbaik untuk negara

Verse 4:
Inilah tanahku penuh kesopana
Inilah tanahku yang berintegreti
Kitalah akan berjuang untuk menang
Kerana negara ini kepunyaan kita

lol.....try singing?

~Albert Tan @ Bert Bert~ said...

LOL... sounds like a worship song... You go, Sam!

Samuel K Lis said...

wahahahaaaaaa anders that's... direct!!
thanks albert, havent heard from you in a long time!

ardenclarke said...

so is that like a bad thing?

Samuel K Lis said...

but anyway i lazy to do liao. XD

ardenclarke said...

eee.........i painstakingly translate/ :(


Rachel Sim said...

my bizarre backlash would be.. i love this song! XD

meli said...

beautiful music!!! You're truly gifted, sam. =) yeah, it does sound like a worship song haha... hrm, this should reach the government to beceom a patriotic song. lol. one day you'll be famous. =)