Friday, May 30, 2008

Choir Performance

I had the chance to rejoin the SMK Batu Lintang choir to perform on Wednesday night at Crown Plaza for the Yayasan Sarawak Jubilee Perak bla bla.
I learnt the songs "Getaran Jiwa" and "Aduh Sayang" the day before Wednesday at Jeremy's house so I more or less knew the song. From Wednesday morning we practised at school (soooo nice to be at BL again...!!) and then went to Crown Plaza in the afternoon for rehearsal and all that.

Ryner and Izzati - future violin maestros??!!

The REAL violinists...

Homeless children on the (carpeted) streets!

Megan, our fantastic pianist

The choir during rehearsal. Such a bummer that no one was able to take our picture during the actual performance except some newspaper reporters - takkan we go and ask them "eh can send to me ah?" so... *sigh*

Making up! *someone* taking the opportunity to get on camera!!

Lina, Susan and Azrin... aghh which is which? They all have the same hair!! Help it's the attack of the short-haired crazy-girls-with-too-much-humour clones!!

Ang Wee Cheng, our conductor!!

Do not fear, it's the great Men In Black!!

Susan Lau who makes any dull day seem comedic - after I took the picture of her eating, she went, "Was my fork up? No? Oh... darn it." I couldn't stop laughing!!

More people...

Teachers - Miss Susie and Mdm. Luk!!

It was fantastic. Loved it. It was great to meet the teachers again - Mdm. Luk, Mdm. Anita and Miss Susie. And also to sing and have fun with my favourite choirmates like Ang Wee Cheng, Susan and Lina Lau, Izzati, Jeremy, Akasyah, Azrin, Ryner, Maxi-Sexy-milian, etc.
I love singing in choir. It had been so freaking long since I heard or sang in a good choir.
And what's more, I'll actually get a certificate for KK marks state level!! Wahahaha...

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