Sunday, May 11, 2008

The MES Choir

Yesterday, 11th November 2008, I played the piano for my school's choir in the division level choir competition at SMK Telok Panglima Garang. The MES singers wheezed sang the songs quite feebly and could hardly be heard (I would say the same for most of the other choirs that took part, too), and were off-key during the second song and the movements were messy (owing to the ONE day of proper practice before competition), so no surprise that the choir didn't win. (Tabitha Long claims that we got 4th but I doubt it)

I have a lot to say about why the choir sucked really bad.

1. It was so very last minute. I think there was a combined 10 hours of practice through the few days we practiced. Only one day of actual rehearsal. How can that compare to the many months and the hundreds of hours that professional choirs (like the SMK BL choir, of course! hehe) practice to perfection?! This is very much the teacher's fault, I think.

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2. The wheezers singers were mostly... musically and vocally challenged. The first time I heard the choir, I really wanted to die. Not because it was too beautiful for words but it was atrocious. To prevent grief to others, I took it upon myself, with the limited knowledge I gained from two years of singing in the SMK BL choir, to train them and do away with the wheezers singers students who just could NOT sing. That left me with 20 or so students who were occassionally in tune. Again, teacher's fault because she just went around the afternoon session asking whoever wants to join to come. It's not that there's no talent in the school, but no initiative from teachers to get THEM in the choir.

3. The songs were not suitable. They chose to sing "Nyalakan Tekad" and "Terlalu Istimewa". There really wasn't much that can be done with the second song because it is basically a song to be sung alone. The first song sounds annoying.

4. Surprisingly enough, the winners (they were the last choir to sing) actually sounded quite nice. I mean, they are no match compared to SMK BL choir (hehe) but at least they were in tune and their movements were entertaining. SMK Bukit Changgang (no. 1) sang "Nyalakan Tekad" with a James Bond feel to it, and a medley of Malay songs. SMK Sijangkang Jaya (no. 2) sounded boring but then again everyone else sucked so bad... hehe!

Even now I still wonder why in the world did I get myself involved? I had a dream that I could transform the choir into something of quality but they just... sucked so bad. But I did my best, I made many friends, and I tired myself out again.
WHY am I so freaking active this year? Even last year the most I did was sing in the choir, but this year I've joined the division level tennis, debate and calligraphy competitions, became a pianist/choirmaster... you would have thought that being in a new place and having SPM would make me less active, but no! I've been doing so many things, I wonder if I'll regret it?!!

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