Saturday, May 16, 2009


I'm back for the weekend!! Before last Monday, I would never have thought I would be saying this, but honest to goodness, with every fibre and being of my poor soul, I actually enjoyed being in Kolej Matrikulasi Negeri Sembilan, I really do! I don't regret going at all. [the reluctance and prejudice was mainly because of my sister Hosanna's accounts of her misery in Kolej Matrikulasi Labuan, which probably sucks a lot, wahahaaaa]

The first day of Matrics, 11 May 2009, was quite a mess and a horror, though. First of all was the journey to Kuala Pilah. The trip took about 2 hours and 15 minutes, and we had to pass a streth of road that twisted and turned like mad, really "seperti ular kena palu". That was awesomely scary! When we arrived (my parents sent me, at 2 in the afternoon) I was wearing a striped white shirt. I was told to change to a plain bright shirt, because that was the dress code. But I confidently went in, although a Facilitator (Faci for short) stopped me. Then I met a lecturer, Pn. Nancy Tan, who was like, "Oh, you're Lis' son! I know Lis! He's my friend! We taught together before! I'm from Kuching too!" and I was like, "Wow, seriously? Small world."

It was raining at about 5 p.m. when the non-Malays went to the Dewan Kuliah [DK] while the Malays did their prayer. I was using a pink umbrella; when I closed it, I cut my index finger, and it was bleeding badly; I was so frantic looking for a plsater, and when I found one in my wallet, I was so very thankful that I was smart enough to bring these necesseties with me all the time. Another traumatic experience was waiting to leave the surau, because some stupid Faci was enjoying the power to torture us who were tired and haven't even eaten dinner by 11.30 p.m. but I made a friend at the surau, his name is Cheah Peng Han from Subang, Selangor.

The non-Malays listening to a lecturer giving some boring speech at the DK

That night, I was very tired, very warm [did you know that Kuala Pilah is the hottest and driest area in Malaysia?] and I was regretting coming to Matrics. But it got better in the following days. The only things I hated was waking up at 4.30 a.m. and having to get out of the block by 5, so the whole day everyone was damn tired. Then there's the stupid, stupid tiny red ants that get into all my food if I don't close it up in air-tight packages. Stupid, stupid ants. Surprisingly there are no mosquitoes at all, probably because of the extreme weather. Then there's this phrase that applies to sports attire:

"Baju dalam seluar, [that's perfectly understandable]
Seluar dalam stoking, [that's damnfully shitful]
Stoking dalam kasut." [and that's like, duh]

Cheah and I in the green alien costume

Alex(ander) the greenman from Klang

I forgot this guy's name lah

Wow, look at all the paus!

The blue people

Well we were all very tired...

But aside from that, I quite enjoyed the sessions with the funny female Facis who made us do funny actions and played games. Then there were the cheers, and the war, like "Reload, Aim, Fire!" and "Hidung Tinggi". I also made many good friends, like Alex (Indian guy), Alex (Chinese guy from Klang), Cheah, Lam and Han. The Malay guys I got to know were also really fun, like my roommate Qusyairie (I only have one roommate, thank God), my classmates Yaya, Azar and Najeh, and three random guys from block B4 (my block), called Haikal, Akmal and Safuan. To top it all, my life became bright when I found out that there was a washing machine downstairs that I can use to wash my clothes for RM3, maximum load of 10kg. Alhamdulilah!! [hehehe] I even met a ex-classmate from SMK Batu Lintang, Kuching, whose name is Nur Atikah, as well as a pair of Indian twins from SMK Telok Panglima Garang, which is the school my father teaches in.

My classmates (praktikum)

One of the hotter and prettier Malay female Facis (only the pink one)

Lam and Han

Some silly Facis

Me and some Chinese guys

Akmal [do you think he looks like Obama?], Safuan and Haikal

My roommate; call him Kuchai

Krishna, Nagen and the darker Alex

Jason on the left, and the rest I've forgotten their names hehe

I think I will enjoy the academic program, because it is fast-paced, non-spoon-feeding and self-relying. I was elated when I found out that the exams only had 3 subjects: Biology, Chemistry and Maths! [for Sains Hayat / Life Science] I was so happy that I didn't have to study BM!! The sports facilities here are also really good, with tennis, badminton, basketball, volleyball, squash and takraw courts to use. But with 1953 students, I don't know how I'd get the chance to play...

Sorry for the lameness. XD

The Faci that I hated so much on the first day, but I came to appreciate his efforts to make us more time-conscious... NOT!! May all the thousand bees sting his ass and the thousand armies of ants march up his *censored*...

But I had a feeling that I may have to leave all this, because MARA scholarship results were coming out soon, and I didn't know if I would have to leave KMNS, which I was enjoying thoroughly, and the many good friends I have made.

Right. Wow. Such insightful thoughts.

I use my finger to dig my various orifices

And your lameness overwhelms me

In and out? Aiyoh, go in one ear, go out one ear. Tsk tsk tsk


ardenclarke said...

*refers to last sign board*

HUH? what did you say again?

she3p said...

omg...initially i didnt wanna say much on this entry..but looking at all the 'inspiring' signs there..I almost wanted to kill them....what the freak...!??? can u just tear it down..i think it will cause development malfunction...OMG!!!

Samuel K Lis said...

hahahaha that's right, so stupid right. XD
why didnt u want to comment?

Binn said...

omg peng han is one of my besties back in SJ!!! haha he must have entertained u well with all the racism joke!!! help to me to say hello to em kay? btw nice to meet you~ im binn!

nyak nyak~~~

Samuel K Lis said...

haha he was quite ermm... sadistic.. haha saya tak ada situ lorr... XD

osira nagaman said...

disini wajahmu Nan megah.. lahir generasi berilmu. berfikiran positf berkemahiran menjana kejayaan.