Saturday, May 16, 2009

Matrics: My Sentiments

This is quite a momentous ocassion for me, to have survived the orientation week of Matriculations. I am officially a college student, starting a new phase of higher education. I am no longer a child!

What the last week has taught me was about time and money management. The lack of free time because of the hectic schedule has taught me to be more time conscious. Time and tide waits for no man, and once it's gone, it will never come back. That was the topic of one of the mentor-mentee discussions, in which I went on a abstract description that time is a dimension and some absurd thing like that, while others said time was like a river that runs, or like a biscuit that finishes. As for money, I think I'm wasting money on food, because I tend to take too much food but cannot finish it.

I have also learnt to be more sociable, and make friends faster, because I realize that to survive in an environment like this, you really need to make friends and allies fast. A lot of my social contacts here depeneded heavily on who I sat with during the Dewan Kuliah, or in the surau, or during the general assembly. So far I have been blessed with good friends, and I hope this continues wherever I go.

This experience also taught me about leadership, and to take the intiative when you need to. Just so you know, there are nine Christians in the whole group of non-Malays. I decided to take the initiative of asking the Hal Ehwal Pelajar on what the procedure of going to church on Sundays is, because we are not allowed to go out on Sundays. Then I made an announcement to get all the Christians' names and phone contact. Unfortunately I won't be able to continue as the leader, and do you wonder why?

Just some interesting statistics:
Almost all the non-Malay girls are from Penang, and almost all the non-Malays from Penang are girls. Almost all the non-Malay guys are from Selangor, and almost all the non-Malays from Selangor are guys. Get it? There are possible three times more girls than guys. There are just a handful of students who are in Sains Hayat (Life Science), but almost all of those in Sains Fizik (Physical Science) wants to change to Hayat. I doubt that many of them will get what they want.
There are 1953 students in KMNS, and 602 or them are guys. That's kind of sad, isn't it?

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