Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kris Allen Wins!

Who does the American Idol Season 8's crown go to? It is the dark horse of the competition Kris Allen, the Christian worship leader from Conway, Arkansas, who also plays the piano and guitar - Kris Allen won!!

OK, fine, many people have commented that maybe Adam Lambert the drag queen guy deserved it more on merits of talent and performance, and maybe Kris Allen was straining so much in third and last song, but he probably won because many people in America don't like Adam Lambert's over-doing-it kind of style, and maybe the conservative Christians who used to be Danny Gokey fans now went all out for Kris Allen... but I'm not complaining!

By the way I only managed to watch the second half of the finale in the college's Kedai Serbaneka, I know, it's so pathetic, but what can a loyal fan do? XD

Anyway my gravest apologies if you were waiting for the results show to find out the winner. Xo My favourite song of the whole season: Falling Slowly!!

By the way, did anyone notice a trend for all the seasons of American Idol? I'm not sure about the first 3 seasons because I only started watching from Carrie Underwood onwards, but it seems like the winners were always the one to sing the last in the finale. I wonder if this was the producers' doing... again, you don't hear me complaining!


Anders said...



she3p said...

ok la..he won..what can we say...same thing happened last year...whatever we say now is not important. least a Christian won...hehe...Fantasia was one, Carrie was another...this is another...oh btw..Reuben Studdard was one too..:)

Jonathan said...

Haha. I'm a big fan of Kris too. his singing suits me more.

And YES, my fave song from his is also Falling Slowly!

Grace Lee said...

Yay!! I like Kris Allen too. Luckily Adam Limbert didn't win. Don't really like his singing. :p

KaNa said...

amen! amen! gerald - don't forget jordin sparks!!
jon - the song was so full of emotion, it's my current fav song of all time heheh.
meanwhile i do think adam lambert's just not suitable for widespread pop fame, but kris' is more radio-friendly, more suitable to be listened to and sung along. XD XD
i'm typing from the library computer hehehheee

Reening said...

I was so HAPPY that Kris Won.

Buh-bye adam