Friday, May 08, 2009

A Strange Dream

I had the strangest dream last night/this morning. In the dream, I was back in school, in Form 5, apparently. I don't know why but I was in the same class with Daniel Choon (Banting guy), Jeremy Lim and Ryner Lai (Kuching people) and three ang-moh girls. Daniel Choon was just telling me, what a very exciting year this will be, referring to the ang-moh girls.

Then I remember, the class started singing a Christian song, I can't remember what it was, then Pn Nasiwah (my Chemistry teacher in Banting) came in and started scolding us, and we all had to stand up, and all those who were not Sarawakians was allowed to sit down. I was thinking to myself, damn those West Malaysians... then Cikgu Ridos came in (my BM teacher in Kuching, whom I remember disliking very much) and started scolding us like mad, and then he told everyone to take out a safety pin, open it and prick your finger until it bled. At that point I was so scared, like oh shit what is happening? When I saw the blood coming out, then I woke up, and realized it was a dream, and was so thankful. But it got me thinking, like, it was a small taste of what it was like to be persecuted. I mean, this may happen, say, if revival came to Kuching, and the Christians may be persecuted for our faith.

Anyway, I went back to sleep, and then I was being chased by Cikgu Ridos, and I reached the ISCF, and I dived into the class head-on, and then I was safe. Then, there was Maths class, and Pn. Chan (my Maths teacher in Kuching) was teaching some graph, and I was asking Jeremy, what was her name, and he was telling me not to ask him anything while teacher was teaching, and I was sulking, and Ryner was sitting beside me, and asked me for a piece of paper, and then I woke up.

Sorry for boring you with a bizarre dream of mine.


she3p said...'s one of those creepily weird and sad ones...oh's normal..:P

Figgy said... symbolic.

I usually forget all my dreams. There was this one dream I remember, though. In this dream, I had a kitten. And then it died. A car accident or something. I cried...because apparently it meant a lot to me. Then I woke up, and there were tears on my face.

-_-' Yeah...your dream is cooler.

Samuel K Lis said...

HAHAHA you cried in your sleep? priceless