Thursday, January 17, 2008

Australian Open

Australian Open has started again!! It's my favourite Grand Slam of the year - most probably because it was the first one I watched and made me take up tennis as a sport!
If you're interested, watch the proceedings on Star Sports I think it is, channel 813 I think it is, or log on to for more details!

Who I want to win

World No.1 Roger Federer

World no.1 since forever it seems and probably will forever be - provided he wins the Australian Open again, because as defending champion he has lots of points to defend from his nearest rival, Rafael Nadal.

Former Wimbledon and US Open champion Maria Sharapova

Not only is she damn hot and pretty, but she's a terrific player and fighter, with powerful groundstrokes and ear-piercing screams!!

Who I don't mind winning either

Andy Roddick
Has one of the most powerful serves in the men's tour. I think that has been the only thing that got him this far, but he's improving in other areas, too.

Novak Djokovic
Playful, fun, loves to imitate people, exuberant, and a fantastic player with lots of variety.

James Blake
Come on now, he's 28 and has to win something sometime right? Give him a chance larr ok?

Ana Ivanovic
Young, pretty, and has a heart of iron.

Serena Williams
The defending champion, one of the greatest fighters of all time.

Players I hate and hope will never win

Justine Henin
World no. 1 but I hate her because she keep beating all my favourite girls...

Rafael Nadal
World no. 2 but I hate him because he keeps denying Federer of the French Open title. Why play so good for?!

David Nalbandian
So ugly ba... Xo

Amelie Mauresmo
She's ugly, she's lousy, she's a choker and she's LESBIAN.


Amelia Yvonne said...

SAmmy!!! haha.. yeap, tennis is back..and badminton too! Hey, what bout jelena jankovic somewhere on ur list? haha

Samuel K Lis said...

hmm.. I don't really care much for her... hehe

likpin said...

jelena jankovic,i love her so much..sharapova sucks all the way lar sam....and pls,nadal is good aight,i like him,he's left-handed neway like me,he's my brotha...haha,why justine henin?can't hate her just for beatin your girls,