Sunday, January 06, 2008

Banting: The Beginning Extended

Hey EmBaCY people, do you guys remember our d'Encounter camp 06? Pastor Chris Long was preaching about the difference between experience and encounter - and was talking about the yellow colour flower. Remember? The tree with a single flower blooming at the top that made the Hindus and Buddhists and whatnots to come and pour milk, wrap a sarong around it and worshipped the yellow colour flower?
Well I have sad news to tell you, everyone - Pastor brought us to see it, and alas, it has been chopped down already, probably for industrial purposes or whatever. =/

Grace Family Sanctuary

This is the famous GFS, the church of the famous Pastor Chris Long.

There were lots of NS people, 60 I think, attending the English service. Pastor Chris preached about building an altar for the new year, which is 2008, 08 signifying new things. This year also is a leap year - "tahun melompat" so we have to jump liao... our youth in Kuching have been lazy to jump too often, so EmBaCY people - rise up and dance, jump for joy before the Lord!!
The people there are really really friendly and fun. Not that many youths but mostly college age to working adults. Every Sunday after church there is... free lunch!! hehehehehe...
Very quickly word has spread that I play the keyboard, so some of the young people there got me into a "mini-audition" on the spot - and quickly finding out that I will be a useful asset in music, but not too near in the future as I still have to accustom myself to their culture and style. By the way their music is excellent. At least, today's praise and worship was good.
I am also going to join their youth group, which they called Youth Alive. Their kids are called Kids Alive... and their college group is DNA.
Anyways they have their youth meetings two weeks in a month, and it's not meetings most of the time but lots of activities like bowling, camping, movies, etc. It's really cool, and guess where our first meetings will be? In a lonely place called McDonalds!! Hehe.
I may have gotten really used to the every-Saturday-night presence-filled meetings, but one thing EmBaCY lacks (or lacked during the time I was there) is relationship with other people. Pastor Chris also said, don't be so spiritual but yet you suck in your relationships and people hate you. (more or less along those lines) So this Youth Alive GFS will be a change for me and probably help to grow socially as well as spiritually.

These are some parts of my new home. (The flowers were arranged by my mom and me!! Nice or not?) We currently have everything except a fuctioning fridge. We managed to get a second-hand one but it's not working, so we're trying to find a good one.
But other than that, everything is quite aqequate for our use. In fact, I have this strange feeling that we even have more things than we did in Kuching!! The Astro has more content, we have wireless, and the many flowers - I am almost liking it as much as Kuching...

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