Saturday, January 05, 2008

Banting: The Beginning

At the wee hours of the morning of 2nd January 08, I woke up - and left my house, the building I had called home since the second half of Primary 4. (We kept moving about since I was born in Sri Aman, having lived in Penang, down to KL, even more down under in Brisbane and then coming back to Kuching thinking I would stay there forever. But now... Banting!!)

Someone once told me, "If I were you I would be regretting like crazy." (the someone being a certain petite girl in my family upon arrival of our seemingly old shabby house at No. 6 Jalan Jelawat 7... hehe she doesn't want her name to be disclosed, so there.)

I must admit, it was very inconvenient and uncomfortable to leave my home and pull out the roots I had planted in Kuching, but with good soil and watering from the people in Banting I am sure I will be growing, no? (Hosanna said I'm being emo o.O oh well -that's why the day when she makes a blog... that'll be the day)

But despite all the inconvenience, I think this was a very good move. Why? Because the newness will be a definite positivity. The new church gets me out of my comfort zone and gives opportunities to the young and aspiring pianists at Kuching to serve and learn. The new home means less time to play computer cos my mom will be using her laptop, to play Internet, to watch movies in cinema... meaning more study and quiet time. Earlier on in Kuching International Airport, we were overweight, but somehow God sent a very kind man who was carrying nothing but a small plastic bag to be lining up behind us waiting to check in. He (who also so happened to be a student of my mom's friend at UNIMAS) generously agreed to check in with us so we could check in more weight. Thank God for that, otherwise we would have had to pay quite a bit of money.
My dad also came here yesterday, so more or less everything I need has arrived at Banting. Streamyx wireless already installed (how you think I go online har), TV and Astro already bought, my guitar and rackets already arrived!! (but don't know who to play with laa)


My first day of school at Methodist English School aka SMK Methodist Telok Datok, Banting, was... interesting. Shocking in a sense. Why? Because of the many many RULES and ASSEMBLIES. Imagine, Kuching folks, every morning there is an assembly. Every breaktime there is an assembly. After school we line up outside our class to go home. For what purpose? Probably NONE AT ALL, except to show some kind of order like all proper Methodists to avoid accidents of course... We cannot enter the class before school starts, and there are many areas of the school that are restricted to normal students. And the disciplinary teacher is... a lot scarier than Ms Ko ever was and ever will be... *gulp*

But never mind about the rules - if all else fail me, the only thing that will sustain me in MES - the food!!! I tell you their canteen is INCREDIBLE. (this probably a result of the exposure to the... disgusting not-so-nice-nor-hygienic food in BL canteen... hehe I'm sure all my ex-schoolmates would gladly agree with me, no?) They have such a wide selection (again a result of the not-so-wide selection at BL...) and everything is so damn cheap (yet again... a result of the pricey foods at BL)... what else could a guy want??!! Friends would be just a side bonus, really...

But yet, my classmates are silly and crazy people - at least many of the girls are... hehe! The first two days of school was spent just talking and talking to my new friends, mostly girls, cos the boys seem to be slightly less talkative - to the extent of Pastor Chris Long teasing me about talking to girls all the time... aack!! But Kuching people do not fret - I will never forget you all in the midst of the fun with my many new friends.
What, are you surprised I have friends so fast? Well don't be, because I managed to overcome my shyness, and any confident person will attract people instantaneously!!

Oh and did you know? Our maths teachers have been unknowingly lying to us the whole time - 1 + 1 is not 2!!! No no no it is 10!!!! Hehe... topic Base Numbers, Form 5... 10 + 10 is 100 and 111 + 111 is 1110... were you fooled too? Don't be!!


We are all grieved that our dog, Baby, have been sent away for good. My dad calls it babysitting... get it? Baby-sitting!! XD She is now at my dad's aunt's place somewhere in the jungle, and from what I heard she I(the dog) refused to eat probably due to her missing us. But the bitch dog will probably make friends with all the other dogs and will have the chance to do... things the spinster had never done at our house... XD XD XD

However I think we'll bring her back home when we go back to Kuching. And then send her back to the jungle when we get back to our second home... Unless someone wants her? The offer's still open, y'know.


Last minute packing... we slept at 2 a.m. and woke up at 4.45 a.m...

Guess who's that in the green shirt? He is the one and only... Pastor Chris Long!!!
It's kind of odd that the famous speaker that practically all the teenagers in Kuching and the rest of Malaysia know, is living just an alley away from ours!! At the moment he's driving us around because our car hasn't arrived from the shop (or wherever) and just last night he and his family dropped by our house and brought us to supper at some place to have fantastic yet not pricey food... I can't wait to try all the food!! Anyway, I'm just saying it's such an honour to be actually speaking and riding in the same car with the one-and-only ... Pastor Chris Long!!

Banting's busy streets - not as quaint and quiet as I thought some time ago. They have jammed streets quite alot too, as my new Chemistry teacher said, the roads are slow to follow the growth of cars. The same way HCL plus CaCO3 in excess will cause the reaction to not completely react... or something like that. Xo

Also known as MES (Methodist English School). The only Christian school; the only school with ISCF. They call it CF here, though, since there's no other school to be interconnected with??

One of the coolest things: double-decker buses!! Unheard of in Miawtown.

AEON, Bukit Tinggi, Klang. Supposedly the largest shopping mall in South East Asia. Can anyone confirm this??

This is a very odd shop. Why? Because the moment I got in a young lady told me off for snapping pictures, saying that their layout is copyrighted, bla bla bla. I'm like, right, as if you actually applied for a copyright to your design, but oh well, I didn't want to fall into disgrace with Klang people, did I?

Anyway, I'll be going to Grace Family Sanctuary tomorrow (Pastor Chris Long's church) where I will take pictures. =D I will post some more later.

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