Saturday, February 23, 2008

Animal Heart-throb

I have an overwhelming infatuation for irresistible cute animals. Every time I see them in picture or in real life, I cannot stop falling in love with the beautiful and innocent-looking creatures... My mind stops thinking, my heart goes into rapid systolic and diastolic contractions, and I faint in cuteness overload.
Like the way I did when I watched Alvin and the Chipmunks - artificial cuteness overload!!
As nature has it, just about every newborn animal HAS to be cute. Even the ugliest creature, be it a slimy crocodile or an enormous hippopotamus produces offspring as cute as a button!
However, most cute babies eventually grow into a not-so-cute adult, but some stay cute and beautiful until their deaths. These are my animbal heart-throbs!!!

The Heart-Throbs

Generally, most dogs turn from cute to beautiful towards adulthood, except some eye-sores like the bulldog and the dogs that win the Ugliest Dog contests, however in my opinion, the cutest is the beagle a.k.a Hush Puppies. The beagle has one of the most cutest but forlorn looks I've seen, and this expression never seems to change. I saw one toddler beagle at a Banting friend, Mattew Lee's house, oh how I adored it!

Hamsters are just ADORABLE. I cannot stand seeing a hamster and not being able to touch it. Their fur is so soft and their smell, a woody and exotic fragrance, just makes me so faint with joy...! They are hairless at birth, but once their hair starts growing, there is no end to their cuteness!!!

The real, orginial chipmunk is probably just as cute as the animated ones... Alvin and the Chipmunks! So cute, so cute, so butter-warmingly cute, I can't stand it any longer...

I have always loved birds since I was a little boy, especially the big birds of prey (also called raptors) with huge, long wingspans like eagles, hawks, kites and falcons. They are pretty messy-looking when young, but when their great feathers start to emerge, they eventually become magnificent and elegant rulers of the sky!

Another species of birds they call "king of the lake" - swans! They are ugly ducklings in the beginning, but when they mature, they are really majestic birds that have never ceased to amaze me, after watching the Disney movie Swan Princess!!

Polar bears!!! Or generally any bear at all - panda bears, grizzly bears, black bears, kodak bears - they look the same, only with different colours larr. Why do you think people make teddy bears? Because bears are just unbelievably cuuutteee!!!

Ah, the list just goes on and on... dolphins, horses, seahorses, seals, big cats, koalas, wombats, echidnas, turtles... thank GOD for His amazing creations!! so cuuteeeee......... aaaaaa!!!!!!

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