Friday, February 01, 2008


It is only the start of my second month in Banting, in MES (SMK Methodist Telok Datok a.k.a. Methodist English School), and I amd already representing my school!! So cool, right?

This morning, a few of my schoolmates and I went to the Hakka Association, someplace in Banting, to join the 2008 Chinese Calligraphy competition organised by the Kuala Langat Education Department in conjunction with the 2008 Chinese New Year celebration. I took part in the Non-Chinese Category with another Indian classmate of mine.

There were many performances for the participants and YBs to enjoy, some kind of silly, some traditional dances, a few modern sexy dances and one odd Chinese girl wearing school T-shirt dancing Indian belly dance. That was very, very weird. Oh well.

Modern dances

Chinese dances

The weird Chinese/Indian dancer

After many long, tiresome speeches by the several YBs (important people doing unimporant jobs... Xo) and Education Officers, the competition finally started. We all had to sit on the floor which was tiled with tiny tiles so it was rather uneven. We were each allocated about a meter square of floor to work on. It was a very tiring and muscle-aching work because we had to stretch and lie on the floor to write the Chinese calligraphy. For some reason, I was feeling so artistic this morning and my hands were relaxed but firm - I managed to pull off quite a nice work of art, I thought so myself - however the paper couldn't really absorb the ink either because of the ink or the paper, so I had to "cheat" by redoing many times on a single stroke. But I DID NOT "fill-in-the-blanks" like I used to in Form 3... XD XD

I handed in the one on the left. I thought the "fu" and "chun" on the right paper was nicer, but the "guang" on the right destroyed the whole thing, so I had to pass up the one on the left, which was just OK only...

And for some reason, after many, many minutes, the winners were announced - and I got top honours!! I think. They call it the "te you" prize, which means "cemerlang" in BM. It is more or less equivalent to 1st prize lah. Are you surprised? I was, but as I thought about it, only about three of the fifteen non-Chinese participants wrote words that could actually be read - the rest were like block letters... hehe.

I just want to thank God that I can represent the school and win something!! XD XD

More pictures...

Prize presentation

All the teachers and winners

The MES students who won prizes

My trophy!!

For all you Chinese-illiterate people out here, this thing says lots of unimportant things but most important is the "te you" thing. XD XD


恒爱JANE said...

hi samuel, din't know u all have moved to tm wen i visit EBC dono wil junjun see u n family or not...

congrats for ur achievement!! glory to GOd =) so proud of u!

no matter what, by name by law by background whatever, DONT FORGET UR BLOOD BRETHENS HERE IN CHINA !!! never forget ur dear roots :D never forget we are like Josephs and Esthers :)

God bless you all!!

Samuel K Lis said...

thank u!
oh by the way,... I'm IBAN. I got roots in China meh??!! XD hehe