Friday, February 22, 2008

First CF meeting

Welcome to the world of Banting. Welcome to Kuala Langat, where there is no Inter-School Christian Fellowship, unlike in Kuching. (This caused me some amount of grievous awkwardness when I asked my friends, "Hey where is the ISCF arr?" and was replied with confused stares.) Instead, they call it the CF (Christian Fellowship), and guess what? My school, Methodist English School, has the ONLY recognized CF in Kuala Langat. Can you believe that? Right now, it's not so hard for me to believe, since almost everywhere I look (outside church) is a Hindu, Muslim or Buddhist.

But anyway, God hand-picked my school to be the only one with a recognized CF (publicly known as "Persatuan Kristian"), so thank God! We had our first official meeting this afternoon. Guess who's the president? It isn't all that hard to guess, really - it's none other than the one-and-only Ps Chris Long's son!!

We had singspiration first (erhem, it is a Methodist school after all, thus explaining the Methodist format, but it's the same as praise and worship but with different name only larr) then preaching by Ps Vic Gonzalez (from Grace Family Sanctuary), about being salt and light of the school. XD

I hope and pray the CF will grow in strength and in numbers.
(sorry for the short post, I very busy larr...!!)

I am very sad to tell you... that after all the pains of deciding what post I should take as a librarian or class monitor... it was all a waste, because the teacher finally decided, after two interviews, that I wasn't scary enough. WTH!!!!!! Oh well.

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