Friday, February 01, 2008

An Indian Wedding

On one fine Saturday night, the 26th of January 2008, I went with my mother, my sister and some stranger my sister brought from the top-security prison they call KMB, to a lonely place called TESCO to witness the union between two Indians whom I had NO knowledge of until that night. Apparently the mother of one of them went to the church I go to, Grace Family Sanctuary, so we went to the wedding mostly to pass time and to eat the food which was so damn spicy I only managed a few spoonfulls since we didn't know them anyway - but it turned out to be a blessing for me!

The ceremony was very grand, very beautiful - a Christian wedding full of non-Christians, I expect, I even saw my EST teacher somewhere at the back (thank GOD she didn't see me, or else... diee....)!!
Pastor Chris Long (the one and only!) preached a message -

"5 building blocks to a strong marriage":

1. Marriage is a life-time commitment.
2. Absolute faithfulness (fidelity). Even things like jobs, ambitions and hobbies can steal away your time and attention, not just a third party.
3. Well-defined roles. Husbands as the head of the house, and the wives... the tails? No! The woman is the heart of the family - both head and heart complete each other!! Such a sweet analogy!
4. Open communication.
5. Spiritual companionship. Both worship the same God, both seek to do the will of God, both under the lorship of Jesus Christ, the raise children together, they pray with and for each other.

I was just thinking, how beautiful marriage is! After the glamorous ceremonies, dresses, dinners, and the private things that happen at night but the relationship itself is so amazing. It's so astounding how a man and a woman can love each other so much that they want to spend the rest of their lives together!

Marriage is a picture of the relationship between God and us right? I don't really understand the theology, but I remember that we are the bride of Christ or something like that, right? XD I wonder if I will live long enough on this earth to experience and enjoy the gift of marriage that God has made... but if Jesus comes again before I get the cahnce - why want to picture when you get the REAL marriage in heaven?
Again, I don't know theology much, but it should be wonderful, since God is wonderful, right? ...

Tabitha Long (daughter of the one-and-only Pastor Chris Long), me, Hosanna and her friend Jerusha. (I wonder what she's doing...?? XD)

The wedding ceremonies. I purposely chose this angle as well as did not mention the couple's names to maximize privacy and anonymousity just in case I get into trouble...

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