Saturday, February 02, 2008

Jugra Hill

My dad's here in Banting!!! He brought lots of kolomee which we ate up already and rambutans and my PEKA files and all that... finally!

So, this morning, my whole family, sans Esther the eldest sister, went to the famous yet lonely place called Jugra Hill (somewhere... no idea where lah) together with Sister Sherlin (Pastor Chris' one-and-only) and Sister Anusha (Pastor Vic's one-and-only).

It was a tiring climb up the terribly steep hill. My knees were aching and buckling under the tremendous strain on my bones. I started walking in a zig-zagged way so to increase distance and reduce steepness... but does that help? I asked my engineer-to-be friend, Mr. Mole, and he had no idea what equation of steepness is or how zigzagging would help, so... never mind.

It was a nice workout for me, but I heard that regulars at Jugra Hill tend to develop knee problems because of the strain coming downhill, so I would rather not go back there for a while. Cheers!


The treacherous climb...


The view...

They call this Laksa, but it was nothing like Sarawak Laksa. More like... big noodles in curry soup. That's about it... hehe!

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