Sunday, April 13, 2008

Stupid stupid Dilemma

I hate this. I just absolutely despise everything when dilemmas occur. Why can't everything be smooth-sailing and all the choices straightforward and obviously RIGHT?

I got myself into debate, correct? I did well and doing well and will probably be doing well as third speaker, correct? (I hope so) And debate needs commitment and all that shit, correct?

Now there's Planetshakers concert this afternoon at 5pm and I'll be leaving to Sunway at 3pm. (Now is about 2:40pm or so) However, my team members are calling and telling me to come for practice because if I don't it shows commitment and whatever shit responsibility and all. They didn't specifically say they'll kick me out but we won't be prepared and all, so we'll make a fool of ourselves and the school.

It's so frustrating! I've been so looking forward to seeing the real Planetshakers coming and now they ARE and it's FREE and I'm almost there already but then I oh-so-ambitiously went and joined debate competition. To my surprise, I am good at it! Or so they think, anyway.

But then there's this thing called "opportunity cost". If I want something I'll have to give another thing up. If I want to do well in debate I'll have to give up going to Sunway to hear Planetshakers rock my sock off. But if I want to go and glorify God by PUTTING GOD FIRST I'll have to forgo this one debate practice. Which one would you take?

For now, I'll go for God. And I decided to turn off my phone so they won't disturb me. Hah! Besides, even if the debate people decide to kick me out (which I seriously doubt they will - forgive my ego but that's how it is) I don't CARE. Sure, I will be disappointed that I wasted about three whole days discussing and planning and all but it's going to waste even more time later because I'll have to miss school for the next four or five days for debate anyway. It is also tiring and taxing on my brain, so if they kick me out, I know I did it for God - no regrets! I think.

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