Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tagged by Andre AGAIN...

Don't read the questions underneath until you write the names of all 5 people. This is a lot funnier if you actually randomly list the names first.NO CHEATING! DON'T LOOK AHEAD UNLESS YOU FILLED UP THE TOP!
(right whatever)

1. Lik Pin
2. Hoi Yen
3. Jeremy
4. Ryner
5. Sin Yee

1. How did you meet 1?
School: MES. Same class, Christian Fellowship, tennis...

2. On a scale of 1 -10 how would u rate your friendship with 1?
ah... 8 or 9. One of my best Banting friends!!

3. How long have you known 4?
5 years. (since Form 1 at SMK Batu Lintang)

4. How do you know number 3?
School in SMK Batu Lintang, same class.

5. Where's 5?
Somewhere in Banting I hope.

6. A fact about number 1?
umm... fights with his brothers a lot??? hehe

7. Who is 4 going out with?
I will faint and die if I find out he is going out with anyone. That is, except GOD but that doesn't sounds very right, so scratch that.

8. What does 1 do for a living?
Study. Being a good child, so to get food from his parents...?

9. Would you live with number 3?
Why not? He's awesome. I stayed with him for a few nights before when my parents were away to send one of my sisters somewhere.

10. What do you like about number 2?
Very fun to be with although there is risk of getting your bones broken cos she hits people all the time.

11. Do you miss number 5?
Not really. See her everyday le... but I do miss 3 and 4 a heck lot!!

12. Would you make out with number 4?
One thing, he's a GUY so it'll be so freaking GAY.
Second thing, it's RYNER LAI. Why would I ever...??!!! not even as a girl.... No offence, Reverend Ryner...Xo

13. What’s your opinion of number 2?
She is noisy, talkative, likes to hit people, but very fun, real and honest.

14. What's your favorite memory with number 5?
It's not a question of favourite memory but... ANY memory??!! I just know her this year lahhhh.

15. What would you do if number 1 and 2 were going out?
... Nothing much, since they ARE pretty close friends. I won't be surprised, nope nope, but just not this age lahhh

16. Ever had a long conversation with 5?
Not that I remember.

17. Have you ever slept at 2's house?
Nope. Just know her this year le...

18. Do you hang out with 3 a lot?
This is a present tense question, right?
I used to hang out with him everyday in school, but since I moved, I only can call every so often... *sigh*

19. Who have you known the longest?
Jeremy (no. 3)

20. State one of 3's traits.
One of the best friends anyone can have because he's such a good listener and gives really sound advice.

21. How often do you talk to 1?
These days... every few minutes.. hehe!

22. What about 2?
Not too often.

23. Have you ever thought of 3 as more than a friend?
Definietly. My best friend ever!!!

24. Would you go out for a date with 5?
Hmmm.... she's fun, she's bubbly, she's .... HER. No, no thanks. Not my type.

25. Do you dream about 2?

26. What did number 4 do to you that you can never forget?
He talked to me almost everyday and was the one talking almost every minute we "talked"... hehe

27. What have you done for 1 that the person never forget?
Ummmmmm... no idea.

28. What's 3's hobby?
Piano, reading, singing, doing homework???

29. Tag 5 people:
The people on the list above. XD No more tags please!!!!

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