Sunday, January 18, 2009

Birthday Blueks

Hi. Happy Birthday to me. I didn't have a big party. Just one small cake shared with other birthday people on Thursday. A badminton game at Winnerscourt instead of a previously planned movie outing. Lots of birthday wishes on SMS, MSN and Facebook but only three presents. But it's ok. I'm not hurt. I mean, I know everyone's been really busy lately. Of course everyone still loves me. They're all kind of broke because it's just after Christmas and there's Chinese New Year to prepare for and then there's school and there's college to go to. Yea, it's ok, really. I'm not hurt. On the contrary, I was quite pleasantly shocked when I received several birthday wishes from friends in Banting whom I never expected would remember. But the people I hoped would remember didn't until someone else wished me. But everyone loves me, right?

I know something that will cheer me up - Australian Open starts tomorrow!! And I have faith that I will be getting more presents soon. From the people who couldn't make it to youth or church on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Believing is seeing, amen? Wait. I suddenly realized that my blog is no longer an epitome of commotion which reached its peak with the production of my SPM song. Like Roger Federer who [though I refuse to believe it] has reached his peak, my blog's days are numbered.

Emo mode: Turn Off


ardenclarke said...

hey, it's alright.....I didn't use to have many presents too. Well, i think people/friends/family who are right next to you which shapes to who you are is more important. Well material gifts is one way to show ur love to someone but rmb there are 4 other ways. Words that proceeds from all the ppl and sms who actually remembered your birthday is so much more precious. Btw, God sees your heart and you chose to worship him that day. What better present is than to spend time with God?

if you can manage this, imagine how much more God can add unto you? [maybe bigger ang pau perhaps? ] Haha.....Or even A full paid scholarship!!!

Samuel K Lis said...

wow ok thanks never thought of it that way. Maybe God has a bigger present for me!! Yay... ya lah but anyways my sister is coming back with goodies for me too!! hehe

she3p said...

i bet it's some girl u're expecting... sorry...still feeling guilty!

Samuel K Lis said...

heheheee... XD