Monday, January 19, 2009

New Hair

I have new hair!! If you can see any difference then you'll know what I did to it. Comments, please? But if you can't then I guess my cousin who is a hair stylist at Eric Design at Third Mile didn't do it good enough. Hmmph.

But if you are thinking along the lines of "Eh, where are Samuel's dark eye bags?" or "Wow, Kana no more pimples! Must be Uncle Mervyn's miracle pimple-remover!" you have been misled (although Uncle Mervyn Song does have a miracle acne-vanisher that I am yet to get), because that would merely be a touch of Photoshopping, which is a skill that I am yet to acquire... so pathetic isn't it, that I have resorted to these lowly tactics of image editting to try to look better on screen. *sigh*


she3p said...

shape's in the style..but colour looked different...did u dye it to dark brown?? or is it the lighting that's making it look like it's been dyed??

not bad..fresh look..but it does look a bit like a pai kia...:P

Samuel K Lis said...

hehehehee.... i dyed it!! XD

Greynovember said...

ummm, sam, did a doggie bite your hair?

Samuel K Lis said...

the point is not d shape of d hair but d coloouuurrrrrr