Sunday, January 04, 2009

My New Laptop

Oh, such indescribable joy fills my whole being! I have just gotten my very own laptop! A laptop that belongs to me, only me and nobody else but me! Happy happy happy... The laptop my dad bought for me (thank you paaaa!!!!) is an NEC Versa E6500.

I actually almost got myself a DELL Inspiron 1420, but after looking at both choices I decided that the Inspiron was a bit too flashy for me. This NEC Versa is just right. The anti-scratch leather back is just right. It also has a Touch-and-Go touchpad as shown above from which you can go to the media player, Microsoft Office and also control the music player from the touchpad. How cool can touchpads get? XD

I am so happy!! Dear NEC Versa E6500, I promise, I will take care of you very well. I will guard you with my life. Please please please don't kena virus... Thank God for my new laptop!!! (And thank God I don't have to go back to school tomorrow, instead I shall play with my new toy!!)

Happy going back to school to all you kids!! XD XD


she3p said...

LOL..that's mean....we all know u dont have to go back to school..ish!

anyway...nice lappie...but im still very skeptical on the touchpad like this..they can get over sensitive and be wonky with very short lifespan...just be careful with it......:) need a new LAPPIE...BADLY!

Esther said...

im jealous. so not fair la

Samuel K Lis said...

hehehehe!! i love my new laptop
but anyway not to worry, i probably won't use the touchpad functions so much cos i'm more used to click clicking with d mouse.. hehe...