Monday, January 26, 2009


I just finished watching the movie Hancock at the wee hours of dawn.

The first half of the movie was beautiful, it was almost touching... until the sudden twist somewhere at the middle that made the whole movie completely un-logical, bizzarre and just out-of-nowhere.
The visual effects were entertaining but the plot of the story after the strange twist was confusing and made me go like "... whaaaatt..." after that. But the twist made Charlize Theron look a LOT hotter. Yeah, she's hot.

Anyway, it was a weird movie, but watch it if you have too much time on your hands like me. Then when it starts to get weird (watch for the cue which is when Hancock was about to kiss the woman then everything just blows out of proportion...) you can stop the movie and say, wow what a sweet movie. Or you can just watch the rest for the sake of some cool scenes and special effects.

Of course, not forgetting... Happy Chinese New Year!! May you work hard like a bull, be strong and sturdy like a bull, but not be full of bull!


she3p said...

haha...i kind of enjoyed it...just for the sake of's definitely not the best movie from Will S...

anyhow....Charlize grew old really FAST.....but nonetheless..she still loooks good...:P

Samuel K Lis said...

she got old? u mean she used to be young? haha... i remember auntie sherlin cried right?