Monday, March 23, 2009

American Idol 8

It is so annoying that I have to watch American Idol on 8TV on Thursday and Friday until midnight because I don't have Star World on ASTRO. But anyway, here's my take on American Idol Season 8.

My personal favourite, at the moment, is, surprisingly, Megan Joy. Megan Joy Corkrey. Whatever her name is.

I loved her rendition of "I Go Walking After Midnight". I think all the other contestants are trying to be the best singer or vocalist but Megan Joy just has her own style that's not necessarily powerful but quirky. It's so fun to hear her overpronounce some words and shake her body in a funny way! I also liked her "Black Horse and The Cherry Tree" which makes me remember Katharine McPhee, losing finalist of season 5.

What's more, she had flu, but she still managed to pull off a quirky but beautifully jazzy performance which I like very much.
[Why is it that there are so few girls left? Now it's like, 3 girls against 7 guys...]

Secondly is Matt Giraud, who sang Carrie Underwood's "So Small". And he plays piano really awesomely too!

Danny Cokey's "Jesus Take The Wheel" is also to be applauded because it was brave to sing a contemporary Christian song but I just think he's too overrated. Other than these three, I don't really care about everyone else. Adam Lambert and his song "Ring of Fire" were both disturbing but in a strangely cool and inspiring way. My sister thinks that Kris Allen looks like David Archuleta but I disagree.

Nevertheless, my preferences will probably change in a while. Until then, Megan Joy Corkrey rocks!

[4 April 09: Megan's out, boohoo, but after 'I Go Walking After Midnight' she didn't sing any good songs, and I didn't like her attitude at the end, so now I'm supporting Adam Lambert, Kris Allen and Matt Giraud. I still think Danny Gokey's overrated. XD]


Kevin said...

lol. sam we all know that you minat dia cuz she was nice in that dress. plus that tattoo gives her the naughty girl persona.


Samuel K Lis said...

err maybe, maybe. i was a bit disturbed by the tattoos tho. XD. anyway i was quite sad that alexis grace is out cos i liked her.

ArchuletaGeek said...

Megan sucks, she doesn know how to sing. support danny cokey!

Samuel K Lis said...

errr... fine danny's cute and he sings well, but i like megan cos she's unique. quite like how i liked jason castro cos he's different... to each his/her own!

Anonymous said...

Megan Joy rocks!