Monday, March 09, 2009

Sematan Trip

Yesterday, on the 8th of March 09, I joined an entourage of young adults to Sematan. I think the beach is called Sematan. I'm not sure about the waterfall and the other random places we visited. But it was a fun trip although there was some sadness in it because it would be my last time spending time with friends.

I am and always will be mystified, how a handstand turned into my new airline, "AirSam", by MitTangkaps at Facebook.

This was at a Bidayuh longhouse at some random place near the beach, I think. I wonder, is this how the longhouse kids learn their ABC and 123?

Does this in any way remind you of Slumdog Millionaire?


Greynovember said...

nothing good in spore wan la.

she3p said...

Mr Quah: Pls la........dont say such things..terrible!

Sam: What's with all the emo-ness of late? Pre-SPM results symptoms or what? :P

anyway........really depends on what ya mum and dad says..dont worry...God will bring you to where you should be..:)

Samuel K Lis said...

oh k lor, thanks for the advices. I know God has a future planned out for me. See u guys soon!

Chan said...

That looks very nice. Having fun?