Monday, March 16, 2009

Tips #5: Music, Sleep, And Other Stories

According to scientific research, music may help your brain! This is supposedly because our brain functions in waves, and music with the right rhythm may stimulate your brain. However, this is true only for Baroque music that has a steady and moving rhythm. Try to listen to pieces like The Four Seasons, Canon in D, Minuet in G minor, Swan Lake, etc.

Get enough sleep. There’s no use studying with a groggy brain. Studies show that sleep helps you to remember what you’ve just learnt better. Exercise is also good for you. It stimulates your brain, makes you feel better, and prevents you from gaining too much weight like I did last year. I gained almost 10 kilos from the beginning of Form 5 until after SPM!

Always finish your homework on time, or at least as fast as possible. Oh wait. DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Laziness does you no good. If you don't practice, you don't learn. But from experience, there is never enough time to finish all my homework. Because of this, I had to learn to prioritize which homework I do. Never put off Science and Add Maths homework, because they tend to pile up. Modern Maths is excusable. It's a good feeling when all your homework is done.

Group study is good as well. Although I didn't do much of it last year because no one wanted to do with me, the sessions I had with friends were fun. When we discussed, say, an issue about Sejarah, it kind of sticks to me for a while. Also, my heated arguments and discussions with my mom and sister about Chemistry and Biology gave me lots of insight and hindsight about the subject.

Having the right mental attitude is imperative. Read this amazing poem, “The Winner”. That should be all from me. Good luck and God bless! Listen to my song, "SPM" for some entertainment and realization that you're not alone in your battle for success.

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