Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kana Kana The P.A.A.

Today I begin my short-term working stint as a Pastoral Administrative Assistant for Reverend Victor Gonzalez. The purpose of this position, which is viewed as a ministry, is to support pastoral staff at GFS.

Reports to: Lead Pastor / Church Administrator
Position Status: Volunteer

There will be plenty of tasks and duties for me to do here, mostly organising things, typing stuff, designing and administrative. But while this is voluntary, I shall get free food, and free WiFi of which I am utilizing right now! I believe that I will gain plenty of work experience, and I get to serve God and help the church!!


Greynovember said...

finally you have come to the world of "lets abuse employer resources"

she3p said...

ANyhow.....glad that you're offering urselves in this......thanks! on behalf of the church..:)

Samuel K Lis said...

hahahaa it's good... abuse employer resouces??!! heheheheee