Monday, March 16, 2009

Pivot Le 2008

I think that one of the pivotal moments in my arduous journey of Form 5 was watching Roger Federer lose his Wimbledon crown to Rafael Nadal in 2008. For the record, I just recently lost interest in Federer when I heard that his girlfriend is pregnant. I was disgusted; I was heartbroken.

But the bigger heartbreak was during that dark night when Federer and Nadal battled until the sun had set. It was so painful to see Federer lose to Nadal, after losing the French Open, then just this year losing the Australian Open as well.

However, something in me lit up when I witnessed how Rafael Nadal held the Wimbledon trophy in all its glory. Although I never was and probably never will be a Nadal fan because he beats my favourite players and pulls his tight underpants all the time, I was inspired by his win. It shows how hard work will definitely pay off, and that determination is the key to success. I took that as a motivation to work hard for SPM. I wanted to know the feeling of success; the intense joy of claiming what is rightfully yours.

But strangely, I didn’t feel anything much on Thursday. *sigh*

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