Friday, March 06, 2009


It is confirmed! It is written! SPM and STAM (whatever that is) results will be out on the 12th of March 2009!!
You can read the news at The Star Online and The New Straits Times Online.

12th March is a Thursday. It's not a school holiday, as far as I know. That's strange, since SPM results had always been out on holidays to avoid student traffic jams in the school. But that suits me just fine. I can meet my friends and teachers, say my last goodbyes... in a crowded throng of bodies in a state of exhiliration. Or depression. Depending on what we get for SPM.

I wonder what took them so long to announce the date. 6 more days!!! I can feel shivers up my spine, my legs are twitching, my ears are perking to know my results. Yet, I am torn between two places, my heart strings are pulled taut accross the sea.

SPM results here I come!


she3p said...

do update us ok?! :)

Samuel K Lis said...

yes sir!!

Chan said...

Good luck, don't worry ok?