Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Cold Day

It is so immensely irritating that after THREE MONTHS of seemingly vanishing or just contented passiveness and inactivity, the flu bug that had tormented me for so many years until the end of December last year decided to attack again - but of all days, it decided to choose THIS VERY DAY - and it may cost me a lot more than you would expect.

It started this morning, a bright and sunny morning - a Saturday morning, for goodness sakes! - and students from all over Malaysia (I would imagine) made their way to school to replace the Friday we missed because of the elections. Damn the elections. Did you know how many people from my class came this morning? I counted 13. That's right, 10 girls and 3 boys out of 40 students. I was damn shocked, I tell you!!

Apparently it has been a culture of MES students to not come to school on Saturday replacement classes. This has got to do with a few factors, like the lack of rule enforcements, i.e. no demerits for playing truant, the bad attitude students have towards exams and classes and such things, as well as the fact that it has been done as long as they can remember, I suppose. It was quite surprising because I would expect schools from West Malaysia to be more kia-su than schools in Sarawak of all places, but in Banting... they couldn't care less...? If it were to be, say, Batu Lintang, I'm sure everyone would have attended school. I think.

Anyway, my wretched day started with standing ALONE (the only non-prefect boy in my class who came to school) in my class' line during assembly. Because there were so few students, the PK1 decided to combine all the classes to become 6 classes for Form 3,4 and 5. All the Form 5 Science stream classes joined my class, and the Arts stream joined 5 Smith, and so forth. It was so very odd. Because most of the teachers did not come or did not teach becasue of the number of students, I just went down to play chess and watch a basketball match. Later, I slept through BM and Maths, but I was really sick at that time. *achooooo*

However, the most painful thing about this allergic reaction a.k.a flu a.k.a common cold is that... today is Pastor Victor Gonzalez's wedding day! (He's the English pastor of Grace Family Sanctuary) I'm to sing and play keyboard tonight at his wedding dinner, a song called "Made to Love" by Tobymac. The chorus and bridge is damn high, and during practices I can just barely belt out the song. But tonight, with my flu, ... I can't bare to think what would happen. Am I going to ruin everything?

...God help me??!!!!

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