Friday, March 07, 2008

Relief For My Restless Fingers

(tagged by Anders to post in third party)

Samuel is currently feeling it very difficult to blog because of this style of writing, but for the sake of honour to the name of blogging he shall persevere and do his best.

Samuel is feeling so very excited and happy today. Words can hardly describe in full detail how this piano fanatic is feeling today. His father has (finally) come to Banting with a Casio CTK-700 keyboard. Although it is not exactly the keyboard of his dreams, Samuel feels very, very contented that he can have a keyboard of any kind to play with. When he touched its keys for the first time, he could feel bursts of bliss in his ears and fingers.

However it cannot compare to the magnificent richness of a grand piano. Samuel wishes that he could touch a real piano of which he adores very much. This keyboard does not have many functions that Samuel desires like damping, touch-sensitive keys (to differentiate loud and soft) and sound combinations. It is a fairly simple device with fairly simple sounds. He wants to have a synthesizer or at least a good electronic piano if he were to get an electricity-powered musical device, but at the moment he will make do with what he has and try to make beautiful music with it.

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