Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I saw this sign on a blog of a friend who saw this sign somewhere in Penang, I think. Anyways, I would like to throw in a piece of my mind about this terribly irritating addiction called SMOKING.

How would you like to have a burning stick filled with tar, lead, and 4000 toxic chemicals just waiting to burn you to hell? I sure wouldn't, but there is an amazing multitude of people who do it everyday and actually claim they enjoy it!

I do realize that some people just can't stop. It's the chemicals in the smoke, like nicotine, which causes the addiction, I suppose, but I feel so much pity and yet resentment towards these people because they make life so difficult for those who love life and love their lungs, like me! I also realize that those chain smokers probably know inside out the ill effects of cigarette smoke but they cannot stop because they are addicted and/or they don't really care too much about their health. Therefore, I don't think I'll put my time and effort into making them feel any more guilty or less worthy of living than they already feel by lecturing, but I would just like to say...

I wouldn't for the life of me ever smoke. I'll kill myself first.

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