Sunday, March 02, 2008


I am feeling so friggin annoyed and sad right now because:

1. One of my best friends from Kuching arrived in KL and then to Penang today. Why am I not happy? Because he wouldn't take the effort to drop by at Banting while he was there. He's going back on Friday and again doesn't want to take the trouble nor inconvenience to meet me. But I shouldn't blame him because it's not like he can actually do anything about all this, but I'm just so damn annoyed with the circumstances. Crap.

2. Someone I know just got a new dog - my favourite, the cutest of all, a beagle!! - from someone else I also know who also knows I loved the dog very much (I think) but didn't think of giving it me. I was so friggin jealous of the dog's new owner but not anymore. I do miss my dog in Kuching, Baby, very much, though. *sob*

3. The first (as in the debut service) second (as in youth) service of Emmanuel Baptist Church started yesterday evening and from what I heard it was really good - I prayed really hard for the service - but oh how I wished I was there! Why did it have to start when I'm not there?!

On the contrary, however, I do have some things to be cheerful about, which is:

My father is coming again on Friday, and he will most probably be bringing a Casio CTK-700 keyboard here!! Although I would much rather have a real piano or a synthesizer, I'm quite happy that I can have a keyboard - of any kind! - in the house.

Wish me luck for the tennis competition starting this Tuesday!!

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